Forged by Rebels & Visionaries


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Forged by rebels & visionaries

What began as a quest for a new, more prosperous life out West, quickly transformed into a revolution for independence.

Forged by rebels & visionaries

The historic Bear Flag Revolt in June of 1846 is the reason explorers today experience everything the great state of California has to offer.

Forged by rebels & visionaries

The settlers were called together to start a rebellion and establish a new government. These fearless rebels refused to be denied the life they dreamed was possible.

Forged by rebels & visionaries

They proclaimed their victory and independence by raising the Bear Flag in Sonoma County, California – the very same land where our grapes are grown and wine is made today.

The Bear Flag Revolt

What is now the peaceful, welcoming wine town of Sonoma, was once filled with the sights and sounds of rebellion. In 1846, settlers had traveled to California with the hope of a brighter future. Instead, they were met with an oppressive, tyrannical government that denied them the right to purchase land. The rebels rallied together on the very same land that is now the historic Sonoma square, and with their cunning ability, overturned the authorities without a single shot fired.

The same barracks where the settlers sought protection during their daring revolt now shields the original California Bear Flag that was raised over 170 years ago. While Sonoma will always be known as the home of the Bear Flag Revolt, it is now a center for world-class wineries and delicious epicurean experiences. Bear Flag Zinfandel pays homage to the brave, enduring spirit of Californians, old and new, as well as the rich history behind the place we call our home.